We’re more than just a photo studio.

From the team that brought you the ultimate beauty enyclopedia at HoneyzCube.com

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Now comes Honeyz Paint House! Your ultimate dream space!

Woo hoo!




Welcome to our new paradise!

At Honeyz Paint House, we’ve created a home in which we can explore our interests in photography, decorating, fashion styling and loads of stuff that we know you guys are crazy about too.

Fret not, we haven’t forgotten our roots in the beauty business. We’re merely expanding our Honeyz Cube horizon to include more fun stuff to complement our existing vision at Honeyzcube.com.

So of course we’re talking about photography and videography services as well as our very own photo studio and classroom in which you can host your own amazing events!

For all you entrepreneurs out there, is your business ‘baby’ ready to showcase to the world? We hope so! Because the world wants to see it!

If you’re here, then chances are that you know how social media savvy one has to be to make it. Three seconds is all you have to hook your clients’ visual attention and get that ever elusive ‘like’! Hence, we’re also here to help you impress your online and offline audience with professionally styled stock images, creative marketing kits and unique events/parties that will be the talk of the town.

From one entrepreneur to another, we know your time is as precious as diamonds so leave the design and production part to us. 🙂

For starters, let’s take a tour around your new best friend, Honeyz Paint House. *wink*

Workshop | Photo StudioGalleria




Hi there!

I chanced upon your place and thought how interesting it would be to hold my solemnisation there!

My fiancé are getting solemnise on 17th June 11.30am and am looking a party of 30pax. Are you able to provide me with more information about your venue and the services you provide? Decors, furnitures and such. We are also looking at catering lunch for our guest after the solemnisation. We are looking at a booking of at least three hours.

Appreciate your assistance and we hope to hear from you soon! =]

Elicia Tay


Emailed ya!

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