Triumph Forever Young

A few months ago, we had the honour and privilege to host Triumph’s Forever Young product launch at our humble studio. Eight lovely ladies were invited to the exclusive event by Her World magazine and guess what? They had absolutely no inkling as to what they were there for. Triumph decorated the studio with beautiful … Continue Reading

This Could Be Your Next Corporate Video

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” And we want to tell that story with you. At Honeyz Paint House, we believe in more than just creating a memorable visual experience, it’s also about the visceral experience that’s relatable and heartfelt. Our goal is to present your brand story … Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last year, the online community was abuzz with the tag ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’, this year Honeyz Paint House is proud to present the next big thing, ‘My Boyfriend Dresses Me Up’! We’re turning the tables on tradition this year with our latest Valentine’s Day video message because we know you’re amazing just the … Continue Reading

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hello everyone! Last week, we had an incredible time working on a secret Chinese New Year Project with some of our good friends and corporate partners. Before we unveil our little surprise, here’s a quick question – What do you like about Chinese New Year? Is it the food, red packets, new clothes or the fireworks? We … Continue Reading

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here’s Your Xmas Card!

As Christmas draws ever nearer, we can’t help but feel more and more excited. Here at Honeyz Paint House, we understand the difference a personal touch can really make, that’s why we think the best way to connect with your loved ones this year is to disconnect. Don’t send an SMS or an email, instead … Continue Reading

Honeyz Paint House – At A Glance

The late Leonard Nimoy once said, “The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.” We couldn’t agree more and that’s why, we would like to share our space with you. Welcome to Honeyz Paint House, your photo studio and event space with a twist and a swing. Whether it’s capturing life’s precious moments … Continue Reading