Maternity Shoot Singapore

It’s a boy! It’s a girl!

Wanna announce your pregnancy to your husband, reveal your baby gender to your relatives or simply remember that very first sonogram you took?

Here at Honeyz Paint House, we know how important these moments are and we want to help you immortalize these memories (and hopefully melt into a pool of gooeyness whenever you see your photos). 😛

We think the best time to celebrate is always now, you don’t need a reason other than why not? And that’s why we’ve come up with the perfect way for you and your family to come together in a way that you can all cherish with our latest maternity shoot package.

Let’s show off that baby bump now! Whee!

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Would you like to freeze your happy family moments with a Honeyz Paint House maternity photo shoot too? Drop us a line at to find out more.

Meanwhile, have a fantastic week and Happy Easter!


Honeyz Paint House

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Hi, I would like to find out the charges for the maternity shoot. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Emailed ya! 🙂

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