Honeyz Paint House enjoyed an inspirational day in the glow of our good friend, Cindy for her recent maternity photoshoot with hubby, Alvin.

Rarely have we met a person that’s so full of joie de vivre. Whether idling the time on our swing, gazing into hubby Alvin’s eyes or splashing around in our new nautical themed corner, that positive energy definitely shines through in every single photo.

A special thank you to Lowee of Keira Floral for coming all the way down to hand deliver such lovely customized flowers, they were simply the icing on the proverbial cake.

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Photography by Yong Thye of Honeyz Paint House

Styling by Juliana

Hand bouquet and floral crown by Keira Floral

Would you like to freeze your happy family moments with a Honeyz Paint House maternity photo shoot too? Drop us a line at hello@honeyzpainthouse.com to find out more.

Meanwhile, have a fantastic weekend!


Honeyz Paint House


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